Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Laser Hair Therapy Worked for Joyce

Joyce started losing her hair due to an under-active thyroid. Her thyroid was not producing enough hormones which caused her hair to start thinning and eventually fall out. She noticed she was losing hair on the back of her head and was afraid she was going to develop thin hair and a visible scalp.

Like most people who experience hair loss, Joyce was unaware of her options and was confused about which route to take. Joyce scheduled her free hair and scalp consultation and it was discovered that laser hair therapy was the best choice for her specific condition. Laser hair therapy is FDA approved and completely painless.

Joyce first noticed her amazing hair transformation when she was blow drying her hair. The back of her head which at one time was experiencing hair loss and thinning was full of longer and thicker hair. Joyce regained the full head of hair she dreamed of by matching her to the perfect treatment plan that was tailored to her specific hair loss. For your free hair and scalp consultation call New England Associates® today at 1-866-424-7782 or visit us online at http://newenglandassociates.com/index.htm.


At New England Associates® we offer the latest solutions for men and women suffering from hair loss. With over 35 years in the hair industry, we have proven to find each client a solution that suits their needs and gives them their desired results. From Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation to HairStart® Laser Hair Therapy, our procedures are guaranteed to make you Look As Good As You Feel! ™ To learn more about us, our hair loss solutions and read client testimonials, visit our website
 at www.hairstart.com or call 1-866-HairStart

Disclaimer: As with all procedures, results may vary. Whether or not these procedures will have the intended results will be determined in your private evaluation with your hair loss consultant

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