Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hair Restoration Worked for Nancy

Sometimes clients are so pleased with the results of their hair restoration procedure that they proudly share their stories with us in the hopes that other individuals suffering the effects of hair loss might be inspired to find their own solution. Nancy is one of these happy clients and she hopes you will relate to her story as well.

"My hair started gradually getting thinner and thinner and finally it was to the point where you   really couldn’t do very much with it at all." - Nancy

After seeing some disappointing vacation photos of herself, Nancy decided to finally address her hair loss situation. Like many people, Nancy's first instinct was to cover it up with different hair styles or trying out new brushing methods, but found little results. The problem could not be hidden or disguised.

"There's only so much you can do with it….it just looks thin." - Nancy

Nancy then took advantage of a free consultation with a hair restoration expert to learn about her options. After evaluating Nancy's hair and scalp, she was presented with multiple choices, but ultimately chose a hair replacement system that would give her both the natural appearing results she had hoped for along with the ability to change the style however she pleased.

"It makes me feel more feminine and prettier. I can assure you that with my natural hair I did not have that feeling." - Nancy

Thanks to her remarkable results Nancy continues to an advocate for Hair Restoration. To see her full interview, click here

We recommend consulting with a hair restoration expert for your hair loss, just as Nancy did. Utilizing physician-directed treatment programs, New England Associates® offers clinically-proven methods to stop hair loss for Men and Women and to regrow your own existing hair. 

At New England Associates® you will find every successful method that effectively stops hair loss and repairs, replaces, restores or regrows lost hair. If you are interest in improving the health and density of your hair, contact New England Associates at 1-866-HairStart and schedule a FREE microscopic hair and scalp analysis today to find a hair loss solution that is the perfect fit for you and your needs.

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Since 1982 New England Associates® has known hair loss is as individual as you are. New England Associates® offers all of the procedures that work to repair, replace, restore and grow hair. We are members of the American Hair Loss Council and the Better Business Bureau. Locations include Wakefield, MA and Manchester, NH. Our hair restoration options include hair and scalp treatments, non-medical hair replacement, laser hair therapy treatments, hair transplants and shampoos and vitamins for fine and thinning hair.