Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stress and Hair Loss

Most people’s lives are very stressful at one time or another, but not everyone loses hair during these stressful episodes.  This is because people’s bodies respond in different ways to stress.  Not all experts agree, but it seems that people who are more susceptible to stress-induced hair loss are the ones who are more susceptible to hair loss in the first place.  This means that stress is often only one of countless factors influencing the hair cycle, rather than the only influence.

What can happen is the body’s normal cycle of hair replacement is changed by stress so the normal process slows or shuts down sending the hair into the “resting phase.” After 1-3 months in this state, your hair may start to fall out. Resolving this situation can take 3-12 months to reverse.

Since male hormones trigger genetic hair loss, many researchers think that stress can exacerbate the condition because, during stressful episodes, the adrenal glands increase their output of certain hormones that may lead to the production of more testosterone, thus increasing dihydrotestosterone levels and potentially accelerating hair loss.

Another type of hair loss – Alopecia Areata has a number of factors with severe stress included. If a person is experiencing alopecia areata, his or her white cells attack the hair follicle and prevent hair growth and make hair fall out.

Keep in mind, if you’re experiencing hair loss, never self-diagnose yourself. The best thing you can do is come in and see a hair expert.

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