Thursday, May 15, 2014

Simple and Easy Tips to Grow Longer Hair Faster

Did you cut off your hair and now you want it back? Not to worry, there are many naturally simple ways to get your hair to grow back faster. Here are 4 tips and tricks that you can do to not only get longer hair but to get healthier longer hair.

Tip 1: Drink plenty of water.
Drinking plenty of water is essential to our body so it can function properly. It is also essential to our hair. Our hair needs to be hydrated on a regularly basis. Not only does have drinking water make your hair grow faster, it adds shine and strength to it as well. It is recommend for one to drink 8 glasses of water a day to ensure that your hair and body is getting the hydration it needs.

Tip 2: Trimming is a must.

Getting your hair trimmed may seem pointless when you are trying to grow your hair out because they take length off. But it isn’t. Getting your hair trimmed means that the stylists will just cut off the split ends and the damaged hair. Normally 1 inch is all that need to be cut. By doing this your hair will grow even faster. When your hair has split ends it stops growing making it harder for you to get the length you want. So if you want that long luxurious hair you better get your hair trimmed at least every 6-8 weeks. 

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Warm Weather is Great, But Not For Your Hair! Learn to Care for Your Hair in Hot Weather.

Spring time is here and summer is approaching fast. The sun is out and we all enjoy this time to visit the beach or play in the yard.  We all know to protect our skin with sunscreen while outside for long periods of time, but did you know that your hair needs protection too? Here are some tips that may help you protect your hair from the hot summer sun this year. 

Your hair needs vitamins and supplements just like your body especially when it's exposed to harsher elements such as the sun, sand, or wind. For women with color-treated hair, your hair is at an even higher risk for dehydration and damage. The sun, chlorine, and saltwater are all factors to consider when playing outside on a sunny day.

The sun is the reason that most women have to color their hair twice as often in the summer time. Whereas, the chlorine and saltwater dry out and cause damage to the hair follicles.  The best way to protect color- treated hair during the summer time is to put an SPF product on your hair several times a day while you’re exposed to harsh temperatures. An easy way is to do this is to mix your ordinary SPF with water in a spray bottle and just spray it on your hair. This may help protect the color and prevent damage. 

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